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Book: Lotto Systems Reduced Lotto and Keno Systems (Wheels): 7 Numbers

For this book I have designed 12 new systems for Lotto and Keno 7. Although the systems were primarily designed for Lotto (with 7 numbers), they can, however, also be used for Keno 7.

I wrote this book after several readers of my first book encouraged me to make new and improved systems. Here they are!

The systems are reduced systems. I have done my utmost to make them as efficient as possible. In several cases I have even been able to design the systems with an improved guarantee at fewer lines than in other available systems.

I have added some of the win systems mentioned in my first book as a bonus.

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About the author

Peter B. Madsen was born in Denmark in 1963. At present he works in the IT industry. Since 1986 Peter B. Madsen has been designing systems for betting. In 2005 he turned his attention to systems for Lotto and Keno.

Up until today Peter B. Madsen has published 5 books on systems for Lotto and Keno - 2 in English and 3 in Danish - and more books are in the making. The first book was written in Danish as part of Peter B. Madsen’s study at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, at the University of Southern Denmark (2005 - 2009).